Saturday, May 1, 2010



Dear all...Just a short notice....I'm moving to new 'House'/new blog....tq for ur visit...Feel FREE to visit me here....;-) TQ........

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Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Ya...itulah perkataannya...

Saya sgt gembira..yg pasti perasaan ini juga dirasai oleh seluruh ahli keluarga kami..esok adalah hari yang kami nanti-nantikan....iaitu kepulangan ayahbonda dari Tanah Suci..

Saya sgt merindui mereka...walaupun tidak menyebutnya berulangkali..tapi kerinduan itu selalu ada dalam hati saya...dan hati ahli keluarga saya..

Moga perjalanan mereka dipermudahkan..Insyallah..

Friday, November 20, 2009


I'm in MIL house...the best part...jumpa my lovely dotter Nia...oh, rindunya...tapi yg sedihnya...dia x kenal i..huhuhu...sabar jakla...insyallah, few days okla...pasni, kita takkan berpisah lg k...never! least smpi abis darjah 6..mudah-mudahan pjg umur...Amin.

Cuti panjang! Next week balik Sabah...bestnya...sambut Raya Haji dgn keluarga...sangat merindui Mama & Bapa d Makkah..semoga segalanya dipermudahkan...dan ibadat Haji mereka diterima Allah...Amin..


Sunday, November 15, 2009

My new blog...

Salam semua...

How are u today? hope everything's fine and me;-)

Yeap..this is my brand new blog;-p...this blog would be my life very first blog is here..itu blog test2 and asah skill..mula2 nak delete sj tp biarlah kan..buat kenangan..:-)

My second blog was in my own webhosting. i love this blog..pinky gitu..Today, i make a decision to make it has an own will be all about my craft & books! and also new update about my online shop...kinda official blog, all personal post will move in this 'new house'...semuanya saya letakkan bwh label post lama...

i will write about my family..aktiviti masak2 ka..aktiviti jalan2 ka...dan apa2 saja yang menarik perhatian saya...

Harapan sy, dengan blog ni sy dpt keep in touch with family, friends and new friends also...u're welcome to be my friends..let's share the beauty of our life together...

Last but not least, i wanna live life to the fullest...enjoy every second of my life with gratefulness to Allah...either it's sweet or bitter!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Mother..the best job ever!

Being a mother is just like a miracle in someone's life..including me!

Yeap, sometimes there's obstacles towards our journey as a mother..but i kept remind myself, u're not the only person get through this and fact, all people all over the world called mother felt the same way in certain situation..

It breaks my heart when a mother do something bad to their child..such as scold them in a 'terrible' them with bad words..Remember this always, every words is a pray..if God accept it, then whatever we said will become reality! isn't it scary?

I wish i'll be a good mother to Baby Nia..will learn more on parenting info and try as best as i can..

Missed her much..coz she's not by my side right now..she's with my MIL due to babysitter problem...but only for a couple of weeks(it's seems a year for me...huhu) only God know how i missed to kiss her and say this for thousand times...(got my own tune of voice when say this)..:-)

"Nia...ibu love you forever n a good girl ya sayang..."

Nia syg

See you next week Nia..Wait for ibu's a long holiday..(*BIG smile again..haha) Abah already told ibu we'll have a trip to Kundasang..can i say yahoo? being there...

Till then..

*For mothers out there..whoever you are..let's appreciate our GIFT from GOD and enjoy our journey of motherhood! Make it sweet coz not all people lucky like us...For those who still wait for the GIFT..keep on praying..Remember this, ALLAH loves you! don't give up...


Mommy Nia


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